Agriculture Regulatory Inspection Officers – Thames and Hertfordshire - 23008

South East
Farnham , Oxford , Reading , Wallingford , Welwyn Garden City
Kings Meadow House, Red Kite House, Osney Yard, Goldcrest House, Alchemy, Bessemer Road, AL7 1HE
Staff Grade 4
Full Time
Environment & Sustainability
£28,785 - £34,208
Do you have a good knowledge of agriculture or other regulation in England and want to improve our natural environment? Would you like to be at the forefront of agricultural change? This is an exciting opportunity as we are recruiting several new officers in our Thames or Herts & North London Area to undertake regulatory inspections of farms.
Agricultural practices can cause significant and chronic pollution to our precious water environment. These can be caused by leaks of slurry and silage effluent, and other materials, stored and spread on farms.
We are looking for dynamic individuals, including graduates, ideally with experience and understanding of agriculture or other regulatory activity, to work with farmers to increase their levels of compliance with existing environmental regulations. This will help safeguard and improve the future environment.
In this role you will:
• carry out targeted farm visits
• engage with farmers to influence them to change their practice, which may involve difficult conversations
• collect and report on data and findings
• be willing to undertake regulatory enforcement action when needed, prosecutions and the serving of notices
Many are transferrable skills and training will be provided.
As a member of the Environment Agency’s Thames or Herts & North London Land and Water Area teams, you will carry out targeted farm inspections to help improve farmer behaviours with respect to their local environment. You will be part of an operational team that is integral to delivering real environmental improvements.
The Environment Agency works to create better places for people and wildlife and support sustainable development.
The following skills are desirable:
• experience of working with farmers, on farms, the agriculture sector or other regulation
• an understanding of the complexities and challenges of working UK farms
• excellent communication and influencing skills
• an ability to have challenging conversations
You must have:
• a full UK driving licence
• IT skills (e.g. Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel), be comfortable using an iPad and a laptop on a daily basis, and be able to input inspection findings into systems.
We welcome applications for part-time hours to support flexible working. However, where required, this role will involve a 2-month (virtual) training period following appointment during which successful applicants will be required to work full-time hours.
These roles will be based at Wallingford, Reading, Farnham, Welwyn or Oxford. Further information can be found in the candidate pack.
You may be required to attend in hours incidents and can volunteer for out of hours incident working.
Vehicle transport will be provided to allow site inspections.
The Environment Agency values a diverse workforce and welcomes applications from all sections of the community who wish to join a workforce which embraces difference and welcomes everyone.

Appointment above grade rate will only be considered for exceptional candidates who can demonstrate substantial relevant knowledge and experience of working with farms.

For enquires please contact

Interviews will be hosted by video in July/August.

17/07/2022, 23:55 hours

Basic Check
Achieves Results
Giving an example of how you have delivered change on a farm or other site, describe how you prioritised your workload and how you met the final deadline.

• What was the work and timelines you were working to?
• Did you experience any setbacks and if so, what effect did this have?
• What was the outcome?
We recommend the “STAR” approach when assessing these examples (i.e. what was the Situation; what was the Task you were required to do; what Actions did you take; what was the Result).
Influences and Persuades Others
Give an example of a time when you have had to bring a farmer, landowner or other customer around to your way of thinking.
• What was the situation and what did you do?
• What were the main challenges and how did you overcome these?
• What was the outcome?
• What did you learn and is there anything you would do differently if a similar situation arose in the future?
We recommend the “STAR” approach when assessing these examples (i.e. what was the Situation; what was the Task you were required to do; what Actions did you take; what was the Result).
Takes Decisions and Solves Problems
Describe a time when you had to solve a particularly complex problem on a farm, or other site, in your current/previous role.
• What was the issue?
• What made it complex?
• What information did you need in order to solve it?
• How did you communicate this to the customer?
• What was the outcome?

We recommend the “STAR” approach when assessing these examples (i.e. what was the Situation; what was the Task you were required to do; what Actions did you take; what was the Result).
If you are applying from the Civil Service please note that the Environment Agency is not a part of HM Civil Service and you would not be a Crown Servant in the event of being appointed. Therefore, you will not be eligible for continuous service. For applicants who currently work in local government or other bodies listed in the Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government etc) (Modification) Order 1999, you may be eligible for continuous service for the purpose of calculating any future redundancy payment. If you are unsure of your status then you should contact your own HR Team.

We are fully committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce to reflect the communities we serve. We welcome flexible working patterns for all our vacancies, including job share, so please include clearly any information regarding your preferred working arrangements on your application.

We also have a Guaranteed Interview Policy to support those with a disability who are seeking employment. We have committed to guaranteeing an interview to anyone with a disability whose application meets the minimum criteria for the post.

The Environment Agency, as a Non-Departmental Public Body, is committed to providing value for money and utilises Central Government frameworks and contracts for all external recruitment needs. For this reason, we are unable to engage with the market directly through post, email or phone calls . Should you wish to become a support supplier on one of these frameworks or contracts please visit for more information.

This Vacancy is closed to applications.