Programme Support Officer - Software and IT - 23487

North West
Penrith , Preston
Lutra House, Ghyll Mount
Staff Grade 4
Full Time
Information Technology, Programme and Project Management
We are looking for someone who is keen and enthusiastic with excellent IT and software technical capability, with a particular focus on effective data management using Microsoft Excel, to join our programme management team.

The role sits within flood risk management. No experience in flood risk is required as you will develop in this area as you develop in the role. You will bring your IT and software technical expertise to support delivery of our programmes of work.

Our programmes are complex and held across a number of systems. We need someone capable of bringing multiple sources of data together in one location using advanced Microsoft Excel skills and presenting information effectively to support engagement with a range of audiences including senior managers.

As the Environment Agency migrates to working in an Office 365 environment, you will need to support members of your team, and other teams, in migrating our datasets and ways of working into this new environment.

If you have these technical skills and would like to utilise them in supporting our flood risk management teams then we would like to hear from you.
The post is within Flood Risk Management in Cumbria and Lancashire Area and in the Programme Management team and you will work across a number of teams.

The role will be based at Lutra House, Preston or Ghyll Mount, Penrith.

There is a phased return to EA offices. Initially there will be a hybrid arrangement between office and home working.
• Strong IT skills and working with large amounts of data and extracting information using MS Excel - creating graphs, charts, tables and pivot tables; reviewing large data sets; using vlookup and xlookup, conditional formatting.

• Summarising, presenting data in the most appropriate format for different users

• Manipulating, linking different data sets, in particular MS Excel spreadsheets
• Attention to detail

• Good verbal and written communication skills

• Understanding of how to manage data

• Experience in using other Office 365 software: SharePoint, PowerPoint and Access and geographic information systems would be an advantage

• You will be keen to further develop and expand your technical skills in the software noted directly above along with new Environment Agency corporate systems

• You may have a degree in a relevant area such as maths or computer science and/or acquired your expertise through the work you have been involved in
To find out more about the role please contact Nikki Beale on 07867 550431 or via email on or Adam Walsh on 07747 008490 or via email on

(Please contact Nikki 21st July - 5th August; Adam 15th - 19th August).

If invited to interview, part of the assessment will require you to prepare a short presentation based on a dashboard you will create using data contained in spreadsheets. The data and questions will be sent to you one week in advance of the interview. You will be able to prepare this in your own time, forwarding the presentation at least one hour prior to the interview. This will be a relatively straight forward assessment if you have the appropriate MS Excel skills.

21/08/2022, 23:55 hours

Basic Check
Technical Skills
There are key technical skills required for this role and in particular, expertise in Microsoft Excel.

Please tell us about a time when you have used your expertise to merge large volumes of data from multiple sources into a single location and provided information that is aggregated to varying levels for presentation to different audiences and for different purposes. How did you bring the various data into a single location? What format was the data presented? How did you decide which format was appropriate for the different audiences?
Data and Information Management
Collects, analyses, interprets, records, manages, develops and shares data, material or information appropriately for a variety of purposes.

Tell us about a time when you have collated, managed and stored information for use by others. How was the data stored? How was this data and information accessed and utilised by others? Which platforms and formats were used and why?
Focuses on Efficiency, Innovation and Quality
Identifies and seizes the opportunity to create, introduce and implement new or improved methods and processes, without compromising quality or accuracy.

Tell us about a time when you have challenged the way things are done that demonstrate this competency.
Works in Teams
Works co-operatively as part of a team to achieve common goals.

Please tell us about a time when you have worked in a team that worked and performed well together. What was the team? What were the team goals? Where there any relationship challenges? How did you build and sustain relationships within the team?
If you are applying from the Civil Service please note that the Environment Agency is not a part of HM Civil Service and you would not be a Crown Servant in the event of being appointed. Therefore, you will not be eligible for continuous service. For applicants who currently work in local government or other bodies listed in the Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government etc) (Modification) Order 1999, you may be eligible for continuous service for the purpose of calculating any future redundancy payment. If you are unsure of your status then you should contact your own HR Team.

We are fully committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce to reflect the communities we serve. We welcome flexible working patterns for all our vacancies, including job share, so please include clearly any information regarding your preferred working arrangements on your application.

We also have a Guaranteed Interview Policy to support those with a disability who are seeking employment. We have committed to guaranteeing an interview to anyone with a disability whose application meets the minimum criteria for the post.

The Environment Agency, as a Non-Departmental Public Body, is committed to providing value for money and utilises Central Government frameworks and contracts for all external recruitment needs. For this reason, we are unable to engage with the market directly through post, email or phone calls . Should you wish to become a support supplier on one of these frameworks or contracts please visit for more information.

This Vacancy is closed to applications.