Technical Officer - Data Integrity - 11904

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Staff Grade 4
Full Time
This role is an opportunity to help modernise how the Environment Agency creates, uses and manages data to deliver "comprehensive, reliable data" which is an underpinning feature of the 25 Year Environment Plan.

You will help track our work across the organisation, especially with Data Custodians, Data Specialists and Operational staff to make sure we provide impartial support that is helpful and practical. Your focus will be on tracking the Environment Agency's progress with getting the best out of our data, across the organisation and outside it.

Having the right data, of the right quality is vital to all that we do. People need to have access to others’ data, spend less time manipulating it, and benefit from new technologies that will use it better.
Your role will be to track how we support people to do this better, linking them to the right support, helping them change how we do things, and making sure that everyone knows how they can be involved.
The Data Integrity and Flood Data team is part of the National Flood and Coastal Risk Management Directorate. We lead and support each part of the Environment Agency towards good data governance to enable better ways of working, decision making and outcomes.

This role works across the organisation, including Operations, Corporate Services, Environment and Business etc.

The team is dispersed, with staff currently in Exeter, Bristol, Oxfordshire, Worthing and Leeds.
Sound understanding of a part of the Environment Agency or of some of our key stakeholders.

Experience of monitoring, tracking and reporting, and of coordinating stakeholder groups.

Experience of working with both technical staff and non-technical staff.

We'd welcome a good grounding in data management, but can also offer to support the right candidate in developing this, within a department teeming with expertise. We'd also me interested in supporting a candidate wishing to work through the technical development aspects of the apprenticeship approach to develop their skills.
Will Lidbetter - 07990796876
National Lead - Data Strategy and Water Land and Biodiversity data

16/09/2019, 23:55 hours

Basic Check
Achieves Results
Tell us about a piece of work you've done tracking progress, liaising with people, and providing clear reporting. How did you organise yourself, and how did you make sure things ran as smoothly as possible. What snags, pressure situations or setbacks did you have to tackle, and how did you deal with them.
Focuses on Customers and Partners
Tell us about a situation where you've had to meet the needs of a range of people. Who were they and what were you trying to achieve? How did you engage with them, monitor progress, and ensure things were going well for them. How did you deal with any conflicts or problems that arose.
Data and Information Management
Tell us about a situation where you've had to work through an awkward data problem. What were the issues, how did you tackle them, and what did you learn. If you have specialist experience in any areas of data management, tell us how you have applied this to resolve a situation.
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