Contracts Officer - 11278

East Midlands, East of England, London, North East, North West, South East, South West, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, National
Staff Grade 5
Fixed Term
Full Time, Part Time
Engineering, Operational Delivery, Procurement and Contracts Management, Programme and Project Management
£34,879 (pro-rata)
The role is to implement and manage a cableways contract. To do this the applicant will need to have (or very quickly pick up) technical understanding of the operation, maintenance requirements, legislation and processes relating to gauging via cableways to ensure that the contract is awarded to the most suitable contractor(s) and to ensure that the contract deliverables are of the appropriate standards.
On a day to day basis the applicant will be required to, review and update previous specifications, work with procurement to advertise the contract, liaise with EA Hydrometry and Telemetry staff, evaluate bids from contractors, draft contract award documentation, hold start up meetings with the successful bidder to ensure they are fully aware of their responsibilities, maintain regular contact with the contractors to manage their performance, understand the technical detail of the contracts in order to make informed decisions, understand the equipment being used to allow robust decision making in relation to the contract and provide advice to the business/areas on capital investment required, manage finances for the contracts, and instigate necessary changes to the networks via contract variations.
This role sits within Environmental Monitoring Services, part of Monitoring Services in National Operations. The role will report to the ‘Monitoring Contracts and Support Team Manager”. The role location is flexible (however we would prefer it to be at a EMTS Hub location – Bristol, Preston, Exeter, Peterborough, Reading, Leeds, Sheffield, Warrington and Solihull). The Contracts Manager is based at Lutra House, Preston so ideally the applicant would be able to work there on occasion.
Experience in Hydrometry and Telemetry would be extremely desirable.
Experience in managing contractors and/or project management experience would be extremely desirable.
Detailed knowledge of cableways and the British Standard BS EN ISO 4375:2014 and an understanding of the “Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998” and “The Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998” would be extremely desirable. Having this knowledge/experience will ensure that robust decisions regarding the cableways contract can be made. However skills, knowledge and experience gained from working with engineering and construction related environments will also be desirable.
Experience of the Environment Agency’s internal procurement processes would be desirable but is not essential.
The applicant must be well organised and a self-starter with an enthusiasm to learn new technical areas as and when the role requires. The applicant must be adaptable to change as this role may develop over time.
The job profile for this role is from the generic job profile pool so is not specific to this job however the general accountabilities and requirements in the job profile apply.
If you would like further information about this job feel free to contact the Monitoring Contracts and Support Manager Omoniyi Green 07467732972.

07/07/2019, 23:55 hours

Basic Check
Achieves Results
This role requires the applicant to strive to deliver their best at all times as they (for instance) respond quickly to contractors, plan forthcoming expenditure carefully, manage finances diligently and assess the performance of contractors. The applicant should demonstrate how they have achieved exceptional results in the past.

The applicant should try to cover how they;
Set and deliver high work standards, demonstrate the drive to meet targets.
Prioritise and organise tasks and resources to ensure timely achievement of results. Maximise work output by setting goals and priorities tracking and measuring outcomes and taking swift remedial action when necessary. Can be relied upon to regularly exceed goals agreed. Is tenacious and perseveres when others might give up and by doing so achieves the desired results. Anticipates forth-coming issues and adjusts actions as necessary. Willing to put in extra effort to meet urgent deadlines when required; shows dedication and commitment; “goes the extra mile”. Is resilient and performs well under pressure; responds positively to setbacks and develops alternative actions.
Focuses on Customers and Partners
This role requires the applicant to work with colleagues internally (e.g. Procurement, Finance, Legal, Field staff) and external organisations (e.g. the contractors and or other interested parties) to deliver the successful management of the contracts. The applicant should show how they have worked well with internal departments and external organisations before.
The applicant should try to cover how they;
Address the needs of internal and external customers, provide rapid and effective responses. Recognise the concept of both internal and external customers and treats both equally well. Identify and address the needs of customers, deliver what is promised and ensure that they are satisfied with the outcomes. Take personal responsibility to meet customer needs; are polite, courteous and professional. Ensure customers receive consistent and clear messages supported by accurate and timely information. Regularly monitor and measure customer satisfaction and look for ways to improve customer service. Anticipate and balance the needs of a range of customers with conflicting priorities. Keep customers informed and manages expectations. Handle complaints effectively, defuse anger and tension and resolve problems.
Focuses on Efficiency, Innovation and Quality
Initially this role will require the applicant to work to consolidate existing smaller contracts into one larger contract to ensure consistency and potentially deliver financial efficiencies. The applicant should therefore show how they have delivered innovative ideas or made efficiencies (either financial or process/time efficiencies) in the past.

The applicant should try to cover how they;
Identifies and seizes the opportunity to create, introduce and implement new or improved methods, processes and without, compromising quality or accuracy. Take responsibility for the quality and timeliness of own work, admits errors when necessary and quickly takes action to rectify. Demonstrate an ongoing concern to improve performance and increase efficiency. Check and ensure the accuracy of information received and produce work that is right first time. Put in place checks to ensure that plans and processes are being carried out to the required degree of accuracy. Actively seek and implement opportunities to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of self and the team. Ensure that data and information are always delivered in an accurate, timely and legal manner. Proactively look for better ways of doing things; learn from events and seek to improve future performance.
Contracts & Relationship Management
This role is focussed on contract management. The applicant should detail how the experience they have of managing contracts in the past would make them suitable for this role.
The applicant should try to cover how they;
Develop, deliver and manage successful contracts with Environment Agency policy and procedures. Apply policy and process to tendering and bid procedures. Manage and monitor supplier performance and develop appropriate contracts or service specifications. Develop new ideas in supplier and specialist relationships. Understand the issues involved in terminating commercial relationships. Implement purchasing strategies for a broad range of goods and services. Understand various types of contract types and make informed decisions about the most appropriate option. Define briefs and write specifications for the procurement of goods and services. Understand the cost elements, warranties, guarantees and exclusions as well as issues such as whole life costing and price quality relationships. Manage supply partners, professional advisers, consultants effectively and are an informed and intelligent client.
Takes Decisions and Solves Problems
On a day to day basis you will be required to take financial and technical decisions relating to the contract (including if and when to authorise additional spend where not specified in the contract). The applicant should demonstrate how they approach decision making and explain any significant decisions they have had to make in their work.
The applicant should try to cover how they;
Find and deliver optimal solutions by effectively analysing all the information, probing to develop alternatives and taking sound and timely decisions. Use previous experience and careful analysis to identify potential problems, effective solutions and arrive at sound decisions. Identify and ask appropriate questions to explore and detect root causes of problems or sources and quality of evidence. Apply sound techniques to analyse problems, generate options and select best course of action. Seek out and consider the best available information before making decisions. Probe, check and confirm veracity of data as appropriate. Confront head-on difficult situations where major decisions have to be made quickly. Make sound decisions based on complex or incomplete information and/or within limited timescales. Escalate issues when they are beyond own limitations and/or have consequences further than own responsibilities.
Legislative Knowledge
The main contract being managed in this role initially is in relation to cableways maintenance and the requirements of this are determined by the “Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998” and “The Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998” legislation. The applicant should demonstrate their previous experience of either working in a field related to cableways/hydrometry and telemetry and/or in roles that have required detailed knowledge of cableways and their knowledge of such systems. In the absence of this experience applicants should demonstrate their ability to pick up technical knowledge quickly (or their transferable/related knowledge) and how they have used this in the past.
The applicant should try to cover how they;
Apply a knowledge of statutory environmental and technical requirements to protect both the Environment Agency and the environment. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of, and comply with, all legislation within own area, enhancing and protecting the interests and integrity of the Environment Agency. Apply appropriate legislation in line with Agency AMS documentation and maintain accurate records of this. Keep up to date with changes to legislation. Protect the Environment Agency’s Intellectual Property Rights.
Driving license
If you are applying from the Civil Service please note that the Environment Agency is not a part of HM Civil Service and you would not be a Crown Servant in the event of being appointed. Therefore, you will not be eligible for continuous service. For applicants who currently work in local government or other bodies listed in the Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government etc) (Modification) Order 1999, you may be eligible for continuous service for the purpose of calculating any future redundancy payment. If you are unsure of your status then you should contact your own HR Team.

We are fully committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce to reflect the communities we serve. We welcome flexible working patterns for all our vacancies, including job share, so please include clearly any information regarding your preferred working arrangements on your application.

We also have a Guaranteed Interview Policy to support those with a disability who are seeking employment. We have committed to guaranteeing an interview to anyone with a disability whose application meets the minimum criteria for the post.

The Environment Agency, as a Non-Departmental Public Body, is committed to providing value for money and utilises Central Government frameworks and contracts for all external recruitment needs. For this reason, we are unable to engage with the market directly through post, email or phone calls . Should you wish to become a support supplier on one of these frameworks or contracts please visit for more information.

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