Flood and Coastal Risk Management Officer (Grade 4) - Bodmin - 11252

South West
Sir John Moore House
Staff Grade 4
Fixed Term
Full Time
Environment & Sustainability
£27,572 (pro-rata)
An exciting opportunity to join an innovative forward-looking team with a passion to work with our risk management authority partners to manage coastal and river flooding to support climate resilient communities. Four temporary positions are available, so we are looking for applicants with a range of skills to support our core themes for flood and coastal risk management that could include:

• Developing and maintaining our evidence base for flood and coastal risk, including our data, models, maps and plans
• Delivering projects to reduce flood and coastal risks, including project development and appraisal, and working with all stakeholders and partner Risk Management Authorities (RMAs) to manage all sources of flood risk.
• Shaping local sustainable development by influencing developers and local planning authorities to manage future flood and coastal erosion risk, and ensure any works near 'main rivers' or flood defences do not increase flood risk or harm the environment.

In summary, a fantastic opportunity to develop your career, professional network, and lifestyle, in a beautiful area with some of the most interesting flood risk challenges, including flash flooding from rapid response catchments and coastal storm flooding to our communities exposed to the full force of the Atlantic.
Our Partnership and Strategic Overview team, based at Bodmin, provides the strategic overview to manage flooding from rivers and the sea across Cornwall, Plymouth and the Isles of Scilly. We:

• Provide the flood risk evidence base with our data, maps and models;
• Regulate works near rivers to manage environmental and flood risks;
• Work with partners to support future sustainable development;
• Work with partners to develop projects to manage future flood risk.
Qualified to degree standard (or equivalent) in engineering or science relevant to flood and coastal risk management. Further skills and experience in any of the following would be advantageous:

• Practical and up-to-date IT skills including GIS systems to support our work to develop and maintain the data, mapping, modelling and information that forms our evidence base for flood risk management.
• Understand flood and coastal risk management, and roles and responsibilities of flood risk management authorities.
• Self-motivated team-worker who can use your initiative to quickly adapt to work demands and pressures in response to flooding.
• Our outcomes rely on relationships with others, so an excellent communicator, who can adapt your style to help influence our varied range of partners and customers.
• Share our passion to support climate resilient places by managing river and sea flooding, and creating a cleaner healthier environment for people and the economy.
Four temporary positions are available, up to 31 March 2021. You don't need all the skills listed to undertake a role in our team, so we are keen to hear from anyone with a passion to work in flood and coastal risk management.

This provides an excellent opportunity to follow a career to manage the risk of flooding to our vulnerable communities. In return for your commitment, drive and enthusiasm you will benefit from the conditions of working for the Environment Agency. This includes our aspiration that working for us should feel life enhancing.

For further details please contact - Steve Marks on 0208 4746322 or by email: stephen.marks@environment-agency.gov.uk

12/07/2019, 23:55 hours

Basic Check
2 posts to 31.03.21, 1 post to 31.03.20, 1 post to 29.02.20
Flood Risk Assessment/ Management
Please give examples to explain your understanding of flood and coastal risk management, and the roles and responsibilities of all flood risk management authorities to support our strategic overview role for all sources of flooding
Data and Information Management
Please give examples to demonstrate your high competency in information technology. This will be essential to support our work to develop and maintain the data, mapping, modelling and information that forms our evidence base for flood risk management.
Communicates Effectively
Our outcomes often rely on communicating effectively with our internal and external partners. Please give examples to explain why you consider yourself to be an excellent communicator, and how you would adapt your style to suit our varied range of partners and customers.
If you are applying from the Civil Service please note that the Environment Agency is not a part of HM Civil Service and you would not be a Crown Servant in the event of being appointed. Therefore, you will not be eligible for continuous service. For applicants who currently work in local government or other bodies listed in the Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government etc) (Modification) Order 1999, you may be eligible for continuous service for the purpose of calculating any future redundancy payment. If you are unsure of your status then you should contact your own HR Team.

We are fully committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce to reflect the communities we serve. We welcome flexible working patterns for all our vacancies, including job share, so please include clearly any information regarding your preferred working arrangements on your application.

We also have a Guaranteed Interview Policy to support those with a disability who are seeking employment. We have committed to guaranteeing an interview to anyone with a disability whose application meets the minimum criteria for the post.

The Environment Agency, as a Non-Departmental Public Body, is committed to providing value for money and utilises Central Government frameworks and contracts for all external recruitment needs. For this reason, we are unable to engage with the market directly through post, email or phone calls . Should you wish to become a support supplier on one of these frameworks or contracts please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/become-a-crown-commercial-service-supplier/becoming-a-supplier-through-the-crown-commercial-service-what-you-need-to-know for more information.

This Vacancy is closed to applications.