Operations Field Services Specialist Team Member (Bedford) - 12365

East of England
Bedford Depot
Staff Grade 4
Full Time
Operational Delivery
We are looking for a Specialist Team Member to lead work groups on high risk / specialist operational sites to ensure that work is delivered safely and to the correct environmental standard.

You will fully support the Operations Team Leader to efficiently deliver the routine maintenance programmes. This is essential for effective management of our flood defence assets, and reducing the risk of people, properties and the environment being affected by flooding.

You will need to plan, organise and allocate resources to the operational field team, to ensure work is delivered to a high standard. You will source and arrange delivery of materials and specialised plant needed to meet our programme. You will be comfortable making decisions and resolving problems as they arise and deputise as Field Team Leader when required.

We are seeking someone with sufficient experience who can provide effective leadership on Health and Safety and safe working practices in line with Environment Agency policies.

You will help lead our operational response to flood and environment incidents inside and outside of normal working hours by participating, training and exercising in an incident role for the Environment Agency.
Our Operations Field Team is based in Bedford. They predominately work outside, in or near water. We deliver a maintenance programme on rivers and watercourses across Bedfordshire and parts of Cambridgeshire, and respond to flooding and environmental incidents both day and night. We provide advice and support to our colleagues in Asset Performance, Hydrometrics, Biodiversity and Environment Management. We also work across the country when called upon to assist other areas with incident response.
You should demonstrate you can deliver results where performance targets are crucial and problems must be resolved quickly.
Good organisational skills and a proven ability to work under pressure during incidents are essential.
You must understand site health and safety requirements and you’ll need strong people skills to engage others, especially the team who will be delivering the work programme.
You need a good level of IT competence and familiarity with mobile technology.

The ideal candidate will have knowledge of CDM working practices as well as a working knowledge of site plant and plant hire principles.

You should demonstrate a positive, adaptable approach and a 'can do' attitude. Be able to use personal effectiveness and your technical expertise, to carry out tasks and answer queries internally and externally.

You will be willing to undertake specialist/or further training when necessary.

Full clean driving licence required.
Everyone starting a new role with the Environment Agency will be welcomed and given all of the training and support needed to succeed.
We offer an extensive range of employee benefits and there are fully funded opportunities to develop further academic/professional qualifications.

The information in the candidate pack is from a generic role profile so, whilst relevant, it is the advert that provides you with the key accountabilities and skills needed for this role.

Please note we do not accept CVs. It is your answers given to the competency questions below that will be used for interview selection so ensure you draw out your skills and experience in your responses.

If you have any questions please contact the hiring manager: tom.hamling@environment-agency.gov.uk or on 07770 640930

22/09/2019, 23:55 hours

Basic Check
Focuses on Customers and Partners
Note : Your answer will be used for interview selection.

In this role you will have to consider the needs of customers to balance their expectations/requirements.
Please tell us about a time when you have done this to deliver a good customer service.
What factors did you consider, how did you balance customer expectations with the needs of the business and what was the outcome.
Delivers Results Through Others
Note : Your answer will be used for interview selection.

In this role you will have to organise works for the team, set schedules to target dates, and be able to rearrange works to accommodate for setbacks or changes in priorities ie flooding, pollution, extreme dry weather.
Please tell us about a time when you encountered a sudden setback or change in planned work.
What factors did you consider, how did you solve the issue and what was the outcome.
Health Safety & Wellbeing
Note : Your answer will be used for interview selection.

In this role you will be expected to manage the Health, Safety & Wellbeing of yourself, the field team and contractors under your leadership to a high standard.
Please tell us about your knowledge/experience in HSW, particularly around applying procedures, promoting a positive HSW culture, monitoring performance and taking action to address or improve HSW within your team.
Full clean driving licence
If you are applying from the Civil Service please note that the Environment Agency is not a part of HM Civil Service and you would not be a Crown Servant in the event of being appointed. Therefore, you will not be eligible for continuous service. For applicants who currently work in local government or other bodies listed in the Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government etc) (Modification) Order 1999, you may be eligible for continuous service for the purpose of calculating any future redundancy payment. If you are unsure of your status then you should contact your own HR Team.

We are fully committed to having a diverse and inclusive workforce to reflect the communities we serve. We welcome flexible working patterns for all our vacancies, including job share, so please include clearly any information regarding your preferred working arrangements on your application.

We also have a Guaranteed Interview Policy to support those with a disability who are seeking employment. We have committed to guaranteeing an interview to anyone with a disability whose application meets the minimum criteria for the post.

The Environment Agency, as a Non-Departmental Public Body, is committed to providing value for money and utilises Central Government frameworks and contracts for all external recruitment needs. For this reason, we are unable to engage with the market directly through post, email or phone calls . Should you wish to become a support supplier on one of these frameworks or contracts please visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/become-a-crown-commercial-service-supplier/becoming-a-supplier-through-the-crown-commercial-service-what-you-need-to-know for more information.

This Vacancy is closed to applications.